The History of Powers Auction Service

World War II ended in September of 1945 and with its end, Dan Powers Sr., returned to his hometown area of Woodstock, Illinois.  He achieved the rank of Captain in the US Army, during the Italian Campaign and was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained.

Dan's father William F. Powers, worked as a finance representative for the 'Thorpe Finance Corporation' in Woodstock.  Thorpe was a familiar sight and name throughout the farming communities in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Like so many men in need of employment following the war, 'Bill' brought Dan into the finance business, in the position of an auction clerk. For the next two years, Dan absorbed the art and craft of auctioneering and learned the value of farm land, livestock and equipment.

In September of 1947, he married a local hometown girl, Lillian Winkleman.  Recognizing that he had married a gal who only knew hard work, 'Lill' would support and encourage   Dan's entrepreneurial spirit and endeavors, all their married days.  In 1948, he left Thorpe Finance Corporation and he and Lill gave birth to, 'Powers Auction Service'.  Dan Sr., became a well-known and highly respected Auctioneer in Illinois and Wisconsin.  It was not until 1957, that Powers Auction Service became 'Powers Auction Service and Sales'.  The first sales yard was created with the purchase of their first farm, in Crystal Lake, IL.

Our father's dream, like that of so many fathers, was to have his sons follow in his footsteps.  He began grooming and teaching the auction and equipment sales to his sons around their ages of 17.   In 1974, with barely 3 years of 'study' under his leadership and guidance, Dan Sr., passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, at the age of 51.

With the steady and unwavering leadership and tutelage of our mother; Lill guided us and Powers Auction Service and Sales through complicated and uncharted waters, following our father's passing.  Because of her belief in and support of us; Powers Auction Service and Sales, now with its 3rd generation of Auctioneers, enters 72 years of successful operations.

As Founder, Dan Powers Sr.'s 'mission', was to build the best sales yard and customer experience, that would become the trademark of Powers Auction Service and Sales.

As his successors, our 'mission' is the same.  Our 'vision' is to be Wisconsin and Iowa's premier Auction company by offering exceptional clerical, marketing and promotion services, equipment staging and sale day performance, for our farm, construction and real estate customers and clients.  

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